WeatherBug: Virtual Weatherperson in Augmented Reality, Powered by Amazon Sumerian

Published on May 03, 2019

Learn more about AWS for Media & Entertainment at –  From the 2019 NYC M&E Symposium: Join Eddie Dingels, SVP Engineering, WeatherBug to learn about how WeatherBug is driving innovation in weather forecasting and news. Participants will see how WeatherBug is creating and delivering dynamic, real-time, micro-focused news, information, and weather stories to customers using AR. Leveraging the capabilities of Amazon Sumerian and AWS, WeatherBug is transforming the traditional weather broadcast. For example, the new WeatherBug app provides rich, visually compelling data directly to users on air quality and pollen conditions using AR. Additionally, incorporating Sumerian Hosts, WeatherBug brings the value of a local weather forecaster directly to individual customers to create an unmatched 1-1 experience. See all presentations from the Symposium in the AWS Media Blog • Eddie Dingels, WeatherBug, SVP Engineering