AWS re:Invent Launchpad 2017 - Amazon Glacier Select & S3 Select

Published on Dec 08, 2017

Amazon S3 Select: Most applications have to retrieve the complete set of objects and then filter out just the required data. With Amazon S3 Select, applications can offload the heavy lifting of filtering and accessing data inside objects to the Amazon S3 service to retrieve only a subset of data from an S3 object instead of retrieving the entire object. Learn more at - By reducing the volume of data that has to be loaded and processed by your analytics applications, S3 Select can improve the performance of most applications that frequently access data from S3 by up to 400%. Amazon Glacier Select: Amazon Glacier Select is a new way to query archived data in Amazon Glacier. Amazon Glacier Select allows queries to run directly on data stored in Amazon Glacier, retrieving only the data you need out of your archives to use for analytics. This allows you to reduce total cost of ownership while massively extending your data lake into cost-effective archive storage. Learn more at- AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. AWS live streamed throughout the week on with coverage of launch announcements, technical discussions and demos, and interviews with AWS experts and community leaders. For more information on the AWS Twitch Channel, visit and to check out the full list of products launched at AWS re:Invent, visit