Build with Amazon Sumerian | S3 E17 – Virtual Banking Assistant using Amazon Sumerian and Amazon Lex

Published on Jun 19, 2019

Join the Amazon Sumerian team as we look at real-world, enterprise applications and how to build them. In this episode, we welcome Saira Shaik, a Sr. Tech Consultant in Bangalore, India! Saira has created a virtual banking assistant, using Sumerian Hosts. With Amazon Lex providing the chat bot capabilities, users can talk with the assistant, make payments, transfer funds, check account balances. Amazon Rekognition is used for user verification, while Amazon Translate is used to translate the Amazon Lex response to a user-selected language. This application also uses AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon Polly, Amazon SES, and AWS Cognito. Learn more about Build with Amazon Sumerian: Learn more about AWS on Twitch: Music from Jukedeck: create your own at