Build with Amazon Sumerian | S3 E12 – Educational Escape Room

Published on Apr 12, 2019

Join the Amazon Sumerian team as we look at real-world, enterprise applications and how to build them. In this episode, we are excited to invite recent hackathon winner, Enrique Cachafeiro. Enrique is an educator at Duke University with a focus on VR development and training. His submission, "Room of Keys", is a VR based biology education experience that challenges users to be observant and unlock information about enzymes, then use that information to solve puzzles and challenges on the way to escaping the room. Check out the full submission: For Sumerian CTA links: Learn more about Build with Amazon Sumerian: Join the Sumerian Slack: Learn more about AWS on Twitch: See past Videos: Music from Jukedeck: create your own at (