Barracuda WAF: Scalable Security for Applications on AWS

Published on Nov 24, 2016

Learn more about AWS here - Organizations that work with a variety of third-parties in a cloud-based environment are challenged with finding a scalable and elastic security solution, that also meets their partners’ regulations and remains easy-to-use. Barracuda delivers cloud-connected security to simplify your IT environment, and their Web Application Firewall is an elastic and scalable solution for AWS that adapts to and deters evolving threats in a cloud environment. Iris Solutions, a multi-national cloud based enterprise software provider, needed to secure their eSignature SaaS with a tool that facilitated elasticity and scalability to help streamline expansion into several different markets, while meeting the strict regulations they encountered. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn why Iris chose to integrate Barracuda Web Application Firewall with AWS Services, such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, and AWS Identity and Access Management, to overcome their challenge without slowing the pace of transactions. Join us to learn: • Best practices for securing web-facing applications on AWS • The features and benefits of using Barracuda WAF on AWS to protect web-facing applications from targeted and automated attacks • Insights on the flexible deployment options that Barracuda offers to best complement your AWS environment Who Should Attend: Directors, Security Managers, Security Engineers, Security Architects, IT System Administrators, System Administrators, IT Administrators, IT Managers, IT Architects, IT Security Engineers, Business Decision Makers