AWS re:Invent 2017: Encoding Artifacts to the Oscars: Taking on Terabyte-Scale, 1-Gb (ARC403)

Published on Dec 01, 2017

4K video has resulted in a huge uptick in resource requirements, which is difficult to scale in a traditional environment. The cloud is perfect to handle problems of this scale. However, many unanswered questions remain around best practices and suitable architectures for dealing with massive, high-quality assets. We define problem cases and discuss practical architectural patterns to handle these challenges by using AWS services such as Amazon EC2 (graphical instances), Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, Amazon Glacier, AWS Snowball, and magnetic Amazon EBS volumes. The best practices we discuss can also help architects and engineers dealing with non-video data. Also, Amazon Studios presents how, powered by AWS, they solved many of these problems and can create, manage, and distribute Emmy and Oscar Award-winning content.