AWS RoboMaker WorldForge Simplifies Creating Simulation Worlds for Robotics

Published on Aug 19, 2020

AWS RoboMaker is introducing WorldForge, a capability that streamlines testing and training robots in simulation by making it faster, simpler, and less expensive to create a multitude of virtual 3D worlds. Building virtual worlds is required to test and train robotics applications in simulation, and before RoboMaker WorldForge, the process could require months of time and substantial expense for robotics companies. You can now easily create simulation worlds in RoboMaker WorldForge and use them in RoboMaker simulation run for testing. With AWS RoboMaker WorldForge, robotics application developers and QA engineers can automatically create hundreds of user-defined, randomized 3D virtual environments that mimic real-world conditions without extra engineering investment or infrastructure management. Having a large number of 3D virtual worlds enables developers to easily increase the scale and variance of simulations to support large-scale simulation workloads. Scaling simulation makes regression testing more robust, reinforcement learning faster, and synthetic data generation more affordable. Learn more about AWS RoboMaker at Subscribe: More AWS videos More AWS events videos #AWS #AWSDemo