AWS NY Summit - API Gateway: New Releases, Features, and How to Create Private APIs

Published on Jul 26, 2018

The AWS Summit was a free event designed to bring together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. AWS live streamed the event with the AWS Launchpad, featuring technical discussions, announcements, demos, customer interviews and live Q&A with the Twitch community. Learn more about the AWS Twitch Channel at AWS technical evangelist Randall Hunt, AWS Developer Advocate Chris Munns, and Principal Product Manager for Amazon API Gateway, Dougal Ballantyne, discuss API Gateway's latest news and releases, with a special focus on the release of Private APIs which can only be accessed from within your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using VPC Endpoints.  Learn more here:  Host - Ian Massingham, Sr. Technical Evangelist, AWS Guests: - Dougal Ballantyne, Principal Product Manager, Amazon API Gateway - Chris Munns, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS