Segment Enables Customers to Create Custom Recommendations With Amazon Personalize

Published on Mar 03, 2020

Segment is a customer data infrastructure company that uses AWS to help customers to collect and unify data about their users, and then empowers them to create personalized recommendations with Amazon Personalize. The company processes 450 billion events per month using thousands of Amazon EC2 instances, and runs over 16,000 docker containers on Amazon ECS. According to Calvin French-Owen, CTO and Co-Founder of Segment, many of their customers have a business need to perform personalization with machine learning, but don’t have enough training data needed to build prediction models.“It’s a beautiful synergy where they can spin up Segment really easily from day one, and get going and collecting all of their data,” says French-Owen. ”Then, they can use that data to power these recommendations without having to build out their own machine learning pipeline using Amazon Personalize.