AWS re:Invent 2016: Deploying Amazon WorkSpaces at Enterprise Scale (ENT201)

Published on Dec 03, 2016

Your enterprise has decided it is exiting the traditional desktop business and migrating to Amazon WorkSpaces. Your challenge: how do you provide end users a high quality experience using DaaS while integrating key enterprise services? Focusing on user adoption and simplified operational management DaaS offers significant benefits over traditional physical desktops and VDI solutions. These benefits include hourly consumption pricing, sizing flexibility, linear scalability, and simplified management. We will dive into the methodology and design decisions that Informa, a global leader in business intelligence and part of the Information Economy, made to migrate to Amazon WorkSpaces. The goal of this strategy for Informa was to provide their end users with a Windows 10 desktop that could scale across three AWS regions. Following this session you will be equipped with a methodology for migrating to Amazon WorkSpaces and key design decision points that will assist your organization in rolling out this service for your end users. Best practices will be presented and there will be discussion on the capabilities required to build an enterprise-scale solution around WorkSpaces. All of this will include the fundamental value proposition AWS has brought to market with their industry-leading DaaS offering. Session sponsored by AHEAD.