Stream Data Analytics with Amazon Kinesis Firehose and Redshift

Published on Sep 08, 2016

Learn more - Evolving your analytics from batch processing to real-time processing can have a major business impact, but ingesting streaming data into your data warehouse requires building complex streaming data pipelines. Amazon Kinesis Firehose solves this problem by making it easy to ingest streaming data into Amazon Redshift so that you can use existing analytics and business intelligence tools to extract information in near real-time and respond promptly. In this webinar, we will dive deep using Amazon Kinesis Firehose to load streaming data into Amazon Redshift reliably, scalably, and cost-effectively. Learning Objectives: · Understand the basics of ingesting streaming data from sources such as mobile devices, servers, and websites with Amazon Kinesis Firehose · Get a closer look at how to automate delivery of streaming data to Amazon Redshift reliably using Amazon Kinesis Firehose · Learn techniques to detect, troubleshoot, and avoid data loading problems