Appnext: Kinesis, EMR, Athena, Redshift - Choosing the Right Tool for Your Analytics Jobs

Published on Oct 25, 2018

On this episode of This is My Architecture -, Vladimir from Appnext walks us through the journey they went on to find the right tool for each of their analytics job types. Having a separation between OLAP and OLTP and running everything on Redshift wasn’t enough. Long-running queries, high concurrency, and ever-growing data volumes made Appnext look for optimization opportunities. Learn how by leveraging a Data Lake architecture, Kinesis, Spark on EMR, parquet format, and directly querying against S3 using Athena and Redshift Spectrum, they were able to improve analytical query run times, and reduce cost at the same time. Host: Benjamin Feldon, Solutions Architecture, AWS Customer: Vladimir Nevsky, System Architect, Appnext Subscribe: More AWS videos More AWS events videos #AWS