Amazon Redshift: 10x Performance Increase & Concurrency Scaling GA

Published on Apr 03, 2019

Amazon Redshift is the most popular cloud Data Warehouse, with more than 10,000 customers. Data from this large customer base has enabled Amazon Redshift to deliver 10x faster query times, as the service continuously improves performance by optimizing reads and writes based on lessons from processing over two exabytes of customer data every day. Learn about how more than 200 new features and enhancements released over the past two years, all available for you to use, have resulted in this significant performance increase. Also find out more about how Amazon Redshift provides consistently fast performance, even with thousands of concurrent queries - whether you query data in your Amazon Redshift data warehouse, or directly in your Amazon S3 data lake. We will also discuss all the updates released over the last two years that cumulatively provide significantly faster performance for every dollar you spend, enable you to scale your clusters confidently, and eliminate day to day administration and maintenance tasks. Learn more about Amazon Redshift: Learn more about AWS on Twitch: