Getting Started with AWS - Make Your Site Robust with AWS Lambda

Published on Sep 17, 2018

Sign up for AWS Educate at - In our first episode, you learned about the rising role of cloud computing in technology, how to get started with AWS & AWS Educate, how to create your first static website using Amazon S3, and how big brands like Under Armour and Airbnb use the cloud to build great experiences for their customers. In this episode we built off of the site you built in episode 1 and learn how to use architectural diagrams, AWS Lambda, and AWS Cloud9 to allow your site viewers and followers to subscribe to your content, fill-out forms, and provide feedback via email. We also: * Made an architectural diagram using CloudCraft * Discussed how AWS Lambda works and how Netflix uses this service to deliver video to its subscribers with reduced error rates * Demonstrated how to use AWS Cloud 9 to author an AWS Lambda function that automatically emails the results of a formed hosted in Amazon S3