AWS re:Invent 2017: Building a Serverless Pipeline to Transcode a Two-Hour Video in (SRV314)

Published on Nov 28, 2017

Learn how Verizon’s Revvel team built a world-class video transcoding pipeline on AWS. This session shows how Revvel migrated from transcoding video on EC2 instances to a serverless pipeline using AWS Lambda and Amazon S3. You will gain insights on how they were able to achieve massive parallelization that gives Revvel the ability to transcode an entire movie or TV series into multiple device formats and bitrates within minutes, while never paying for idle resources. In addition, the Revvel team will cover best practices and lessons learned in creating a custom CI/CD pipeline for Lambda functions that allows them to test code quality during an upgrade to a Lambda function. Revvel is a team within Verizon, chartered with building and innovating video solutions. In November 2016, Verizon acquired Vessel to accelerate their efforts in building a next-generation television service, and Revvel was born.