AWS re:Invent 2016: ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA Lambda Start (SVR305)

Published on Dec 03, 2016

Ever wished you had a list of cheat codes to unleash the full power of AWS Lambda for your production workload? Come learn how to build a robust, scalable, and highly available serverless application using AWS Lambda. In this session, we discuss hacks and tricks for maximizing your AWS Lambda performance, such as leveraging customer reuse, using the 500 MB scratch space and local cache, creating custom metrics for managing operations, aligning upstream and downstream services to scale along with Lambda, and many other workarounds and optimizations across your entire function lifecycle. You also learn how Hearst converted its real-time clickstream analytics data pipeline from a server-based model to a serverless one. The infrastructure of the data pipeline relied on Amazon EC2 instances and cron jobs to shepherd data through the process. In 2016, Hearst converted its data pipeline architecture to a serverless process that relies on event triggers and the power of AWS Lambda. By moving from a time-based process to a trigger-based process, Hearst improved its pipeline latency times by 50%.