AWS re:Invent 2017: Best Practices for Orchestrating AWS Lambda Workloads (SRV335)

Published on Dec 01, 2017

Serverless and AWS Lambda specifically enable developers to build super-scalable application components with minimal effort. You can use Amazon Kinesis and Amazon SQS to create a universal event stream to orchestrate Lambdas into much more complex applications. Now, using AWS Step Functions, we can build large distributed applications with Lambdas using visual workflows. See how Step Functions are different from Amazon SWF, how to get started with Step Functions, and how to use them to take your Lambda-based applications to the next level. We start with a few granular functions and stitch them up using Step Functions. As we build out the application, we add monitoring to ensure that changes we make actually improve things, not make them worse. Leave the session with actionable learnings for using Step Functions in your environment right away. Session sponsored by Datadog