AWS re:Invent 2016: Operations Management with Amazon ECS (CON301)

Published on Dec 02, 2016

Managing the infrastructure behind your ECS cluster is an important and crucial task. In this session we will dive deep into best practices to setup and maintain your ECS cluster with tools such as CloudFormation and Auto Scaling. We will discuss how to setup monitoring and logging infrastructure for your cluster and containers. We will also detail how to tighten the security of your container instances with tools such as SELinux. We will do a live deployment of a complete microservices-based ecommerce website, using Weave Net and Weave Scope for container networking, automated service discovery, monitoring and real-time app visualization. We’ll use CloudFormation, Auto Scaling Groups and other services to show how easy it is to architect and deploy a real application on Amazon ECS with fewer moving parts. We’ll also visualize our application using a real-time map of the containers.