How Netflix Uses Kinesis Streams to Monitor Applications and Analyze Billions of Traffic Flows

Published on Aug 02, 2017

Thousands of services work in concert to deliver millions of hours of video streams to Netflix customers every day. These applications vary in size, function, and technology, but they all make use of the Netflix network to communicate. Understanding the interactions between these services is a daunting challenge both because of the sheer volume of traffic and the dynamic nature of deployments. In this talk, we’ll first discuss why Netflix chose Amazon Kinesis Streams over other data streaming solutions like Kafka to address these challenges at scale. We’ll then dive deep into how Netflix uses Amazon Kinesis Streams to enrich network traffic logs and identify usage patterns in real time. Lastly, we will cover how Netflix uses this system to build comprehensive dependency maps, increase network efficiency, and improve failure resiliency. From this talk, you’ll take away techniques and processes that you can apply to your large-scale networks and derive real-time, actionable insights.