AWS re:Invent 2016: Analyzing Streaming Data in Real-time with Amazon Kinesis Analytics (BDM304)

Published on Dec 01, 2016

As more and more organizations strive to gain real-time insights into their business, streaming data has become ubiquitous. Typical streaming data analytics solutions require specific skills and complex infrastructure. However, with Amazon Kinesis Analytics, you can analyze streaming data in real-time with standard SQL—there is no need to learn new programming languages or processing frameworks. In this session, we dive deep into the capabilities of Amazon Kinesis Analytics using real-world examples. We’ll present an end-to-end streaming data solution using Amazon Kinesis Streams for data ingestion, Amazon Kinesis Analytics for real-time processing, and Amazon Kinesis Firehose for persistence. We review in detail how to write SQL queries using streaming data and discuss best practices to optimize and monitor your Amazon Kinesis Analytics applications. Lastly, we discuss how to estimate the cost of the entire system.