Amazon Kinesis: Real-time Streaming Big data Processing Applications (BDT311) | AWS re:Invent 2013

Published on Nov 26, 2013

"This presentation will introduce Kinesis, the new AWS service for real-time streaming big data ingestion and processing. We'll provide an overview of the key scenarios and business use cases suitable for real-time processing, and how Kinesis can help customers shift from a traditional batch-oriented processing of data to a continual real-time processing model. We'll explore the key concepts, attributes, APIs and features of the service, and discuss building a Kinesis-enabled application for real-time processing. We'll walk through a candidate use case in detail, starting from creating an appropriate Kinesis stream for the use case, configuring data producers to push data into Kinesis, and creating the application that reads from Kinesis and performs real-time processing. This talk will also include key lessons learnt, architectural tips and design considerations in working with Kinesis and building real-time processing applications."