Data Pipelines with AWS Glue (Level 200)

Published on Aug 24, 2018

Learn more about the AWS Innovate Online Conference at - Companies need to gain insight and knowledge as a result of the growing number of IoT devices, APIs, clickstreams, unstructured, and log data sources. However, they are also often limited by legacy data warehouses and ETL processes designed for transactional data. In this session, we introduce the key ETL features of AWS Glue and explore how to build scalable, efficient, and serverless ETL pipelines using AWS Glue. In addition, learn how our customer, NEXTY Electronics, a Toyota Tsusho Group company, built their real-time data ingestion and batch analytics pipeline using AWS big data and analytics services. Speakers: - Unni Pillai, Specialist Solution Architect, Big Data and Analytics, Amazon Web Services - Thanomsak Ajjanapanya, Data Engineering Manager, Toyota Tsusho – Thailand